Beresheet SpaceIL

SpaceIL successfully launched its Beresheet lander on 22 February 2019.
On 11 April 2019, due to failure of the main engine, the lander crashed on the Moon.
Beresheet trajectory
Beresheet trajectory 

Beresheet the original trajectory.
delta_V Burn-time Propellant consumption

the original trajectory and capture on Moon  
The original trajectory and capture on Moon 

The nations to have successfully orbited the Moon:
: 1966
: 1966
: 1992
: 2004
: 2007
: 2008
: 2019

List of first impact on the Lunar surface:
13 Sep 1959 Luna 2 (USSR)
26 Apr 1962 Ranger 4 (USA)
10 Apr 1993 Hiten (Japan)
3 Sep 2006 SMART 1 (ESA)
14 Nov 2008 Moon Impact Probe (India)
1 Mar 2009 Chang'e 1 (China)
11 Apr 2019 Beresheet (Israel)

Probe path in the rotating frame of Earth-Moon

Probe trajectory in the rotating frame of Earth-Moon, final phase

Beresheet  the original trajectory x-y and x-z plane

Event[18]plan/realDate (UTC)Apoapsis (km)Periapsis (km)Period (hr)Revsexecution
AM1 Optional apogee maneuver11:50
22 Feb
59998/68959258/211192not be [19]
AM2 Apogee maneuver02:24
24 Feb
59997/69021599/668191,5/4,524. 2. 11:29[20]
PM1 Perigee maneuver07:29
25 Feb
123246/127600600/65049/51:45528. 2. 19:30[21]
PM2 Perigee maneuver11:18
07 Mar
276126/271500462/470152/148:2927. 3.
PM3 Perigee maneuver02:24
20 Mar
396887/4080001447/1300258/267:290.1419. 3. 12:30
OPM Out of plane maneuver14:25
21 Mar
39197414222531.320. 3. 12:30
LOI1 Lunar orbit insertion14:07
04 Apr
LOI1A Lunar orbit insertion11:29
05 Apr
LOI2 Lunar orbit insertion22:48
06 Apr
LOI2B Lunar orbit insertion01:10
08 Apr
DM1 Descent maneuver17:00
10 Apr

Beresheet - capture on the Moon orbit
Beresheet - capture on the Moon orbit

Beresheet - capture on the Moon orbit - detail

y-x plane
Landing 11 apr 2019 20:13 UTC

Last photo site crater Hypatia A

Landing site Mare Serenitatis, the landing zone is about 15 km in diameter.
The topography of the 140-km (diameter) area containing the potential lunar landing sites in Mare Serenitatis (arrow). Darker colors indicate lower elevation.

LROC quickmap
31.95N 18.29E

The last image #Beresheet spacecraft managed to beam to earth before it crashed on the moons surface.

My solution to the Beresheet spacecraft landing maneuver on the Moon.

The Beresheet impact occurred on 11 April 2019 and LRO passed overhead 11 days later, allowing LROC to acquire a six-image (three NAC left-right pairs) sequence of the search area. The coordinates of the darkest pixel (lowest reflectance) of the central "smudge" are 32.5956°N, 19.3496°E . More:beresheet final trajectory

Dirty mass 150 kg
Fuel 199 kg
Mass 349 kg
Thrust 407 N
ISP 318 s
Altitude 22 909 m
vx 1585.50 m/s 
vy -22.90 m/s 


velocity m/s 



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