Zobrazujú sa príspevky z dátumu august, 2018

Parker Solar Probe

Spacecraft propertiesManufacturerApplied Physics LaboratoryLaunch mass685 kg Dry mass555 kg Propellant 85 (52.7?) kg hydrazineDimensions1.0 m × 3.0 m × 2.3 mPower343 W (at closest approach)
spacecraft PSP
Credit: Jef Castro/

Start of mission:2018-aug-12 07:31 UTC
Delta IV Heavy / Star-48BVLaunch siteCape CanaveralSLC-37ContractorUnited Launch Alliance

mass 2165 kg
propellant 2010 kg
fraction 0,93
burn time 84 sec
thrust 68,6 kN
ISP 292 sec

Installation of Star 48BV and Parker Solar Probe on adapter D4H